9) Technology & Travel

Lexi Yost. “Photos and Phones.” Inishbofin. Ireland, 2016
Just like image here shows, my camera is one of my most favorite tools when it comes to travel. I didn’t go a single place in Ireland without it, and it was readily in my hands throughout the entirety of the trip. Preserving memories is a piece of cake when it comes to photos; like the famous saying goes: a picture is worth a thousand words. But, like we’ve discussed in class, technology has changed rapidly over the years. What started out as handwritten scrolls made its way through typewriters, bulky computers, and now intensely personalized laptops and phones. Modernity depends on this ‘smart’ technology just as I rely on my camera to preserve my memories of the trip. Deborah Brandt and Katie Clinton write in “Limits of the Local” that “literate practices depend on powerful and consolidating technologies – technologies that are themselves susceptible to sometimes abrupt transformations that can destabilize the functions, uses, values, and meanings of literacy anywhere” (Miller, 1322). Technology transforms over time, and constant new models and advancements of the already ‘smart’ phones, computers, and other technology can change the way other technologies (especially similar technologies) are viewed socially and economically.



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