7) Monuments Repurposed

In Galway, like Dublin, centuries-old buildings were transformed so that they would be able to serve a different purpose. Like the picture above, this pub used to be the site of the Galway council; the courthouse where decisions for the (much smaller then) city were made. Historically, King Charles I was beheaded in front of the building, and the pub took full advantage of the past event and coined the building “The King’s Head”. Because of the King’s beheading, and the indicating name, the old council building has been repurposed into one of the most famous and visited pubs in Galway City. Another example is Lynch 20160806_154703Castle, the building pictured to the left. The exterior still sports the Lynch’s crest and family molding, but it now serves as an AIB Bank along Dublin’s main walk. The History is boasted by a plaque on the outside wall, but the repurposing of the building into a functional financial institution helps bring in local customers, and is added to the map of must-see buildings in Galway. Just like the buildings were repurposed to serve other functions, we had the opportunity to repurpose digital writings into other forms as well. For our repurposing assignment in the Theory and Practice of Writing course, I transformed an old paper on zombie culture and lore into a magazine cover and article page. Though it is different than a building repurposing its function to another business with the same external form, I was able to explore repurposing within different forms (from literary paper to a pop-culture magazine medium). This, like the buildings’ repurposing, attracts different audiences, and functions within a different context than the one it was previously in.


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