6) Off the Beaten Path

Lexi Yost. “Brave and Bold.” Inishbofin. Ireland, 2016
Through these blog posts, I’ve discussed visiting tourist sites such as Dublin’s archaeology museum, Trinity College, and the General Post Office. Ireland itself is one of the most prominent tourist destinations in the world, as the sites, atmosphere, and imagination it fosters is appealing to tourists from around the world. Most come for the well-known attractions, such as the large castles and bustling cities like Dublin and Galway. But, like the black sheep amount the herd of white-sheared ones, being different isn’t a bad thing, and it can  lead to an immeasurable amount of both personal growth, and the growth of others through the sharing of your experiences. Aristotle was prominent among his times rhetoricians because he had an unique viewpoint and method of rhetoric that was unlike his peers’. The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy state in their article, “Aristotle’s Rhetoric, that: “Previous theorists of rhetoric gave most of their attention to methods outside the subject”, such as dealing with argumentative disagreements that manipulates the emotion of the audience members (Stanford, 4.4). Because Aristotle went against the grain and instead developed his own techniques, he was able to develop a style that was beneficial to the history of rhetoric. Just like exploring beyond what is known or popular with travel, philosophies or thoughts can work in the same way.

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