4) From Harbor to Harbor

Lexi Yost. “Shore to Shore.” Dublin. Ireland, 2016
After boarding the boat in Cleggan, I dsc_0809leaned against the railing as the boat pulled away from the dock, and into the Atlantic Ocean. Land fell away until we were surrounded by grey-blue waters. Hazy islands could be momentarily seen in the distance before they disappeared along the journey. After half an hour on the Atlantic, the island of Inishbofin came into sight. And within another five minutes, we pulled into the harbor. Soon we stepped off onto the wooden platform, and I was on a different land entirely than the one I had traveled from.
dsc_0879In class, we’ve discussed how technology shapes the way we think about the world. An exercise where we had to look at a computer desktop and define what the different icons are, and what they are similar to. One of these items was a ‘dock’. The bottom line of the screen that makes up the dock is filled with icons that lead to other links. I was grouped with Dan, and we discussed how the dock is virtually like the docks I had just used to both board and exit the boat. At the first, I was in Cleggan, and at the second, I was in Inishbofin. The icons were like docks because as we scroll our cursors over each icon, we can travel from site to site, or link to link. Hypothetically, it’s like traveling to separate islands or continents, where each icon births different results. Similar to the huge metadata sight, Kairos, everything can be connected by spanning distances. Just like my trip from the Irish mainland to the small island, we passed over those in the distance in favor for our set destination. With the boat (a cursor), we could visit any of the lands (sites) in our area.





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